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Functional parameters

Product features

Double needle and double flow system,K+、Na+、Cl-、Ca2+、Li+、pH and TCO2 are tested in independent flow paths separately, without mutual interference;

The instrument has a high degree of automation, with self inspection function, automatic 1-point and 2-point calibration, automatic rapid flushing system and automatic display of printing results;

It adopts 7-inch color super large high-definition display screen, capacitive touch screen and man-machine interactive operation interface;

The injection needle has the functions of automatic wiping and automatic soaking to remove protein, so as to reduce cross pollution to the greatest extent;

The sample injection system has the function of liquid level detection without sub loading samples, the blood collection tube can be tested directly, the computer and can be programmed continuously with multiple plates of samples;

It adopts advanced optical sample detector and has chylous blood sample analysis mode to adapt to different types of samples;

The multi-point quality control system can adapt to the inter laboratory quality assessment in different areas;

Once sampling, getting the result of K+、Na+、Cl-、Ca2+、Li+、pH、TCO2、AG Eight items and ten parameters;

The complete data management system can store more than 10000 test results and has the function of power failure protection;

The instrument has bar code scanning function, and the data interface equipped with the instrument can be compatible with any type of LIS / HIS system;;

The fully enclosed and integrated reagent package reduces the risk of biological pollution, has intelligent identification function and residual reagent monitoring function.

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