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Specification and model:

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    Testing items

  • FT-330A


  • FT-330B

    K+、Na+、Cl- 、Li+

  • FT-330C


  • FT-330D 


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Basic parameters

Measurement Standard:

Functional parameters

Product features

High-quality ISE measurement system, samples are directly measured, the sensor is completely maintenance-free, and the life span is more than 1 year;

Once sampling, getting the result of K+、Na+、Cl-、Ca2+、Li+、pH within 40 seconds;

Automatic calibration and automatic tracking of electrode status ensure the reliability of test results at any time;

It adopts 5-inch high-definition LCD touch screen, resolution ratio 800×480 and man-machine interactive operation interface;

All Fluidic system with solenoid valve, washing the sample channels automatically to reduce clog and carryover into low level;

Advanced optical sample detector is adopted to adapt to different types of samples;

The instrument has complete QC function and Correct function.QC sample results can be statistically analyzed and QC charts can be provided,and two types of calibration products can also be used to calibrate the instrument;

It has a complete data management system, which can store more than 300 sample test results, and can be connected to any type of LIS / HIS system;

The fully enclosed integrated reagent package with intelligent identification function reduces the risk of biological pollution and has the function of residual reagent monitoring.

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